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Non-Certified Police Officer

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Certified Police Officer

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  3. Lieutenant Interview Panel
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  7. Flexibility/Agility Testing (PT)
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Non-Certified Officer $24.78 hourly
Certified Step 1 Year one/two $29.00
Certified Step 2 Year three/four $30.45
Certified Step 3 Year five/six $31.97
Certified Step 4 Year seven/eight $33.57
Certified Step 5 Year nine/ten $35.25
Certified Step 6 Year eleven/twelve $37.01
Certified Step 7 Year thirteen+ $38.86


Work Schedule

Shift Rotation Every 3 Months
12 Hour Shifts
Every Other Weekend Off
Paid Every Two Weeks

Life Insurance

City Pays Premium for $20,000
Additional Plans Available
Paid Time Off
Deferred Compensation Plan


Public Employees Retirement Association
Employee Pays 9.675%
City Pays 28.275%
25 Years at 75% of Pay
(Max 30 Years at 90%)

Medical Plan

City Pays 85%
Employee Pays 15%

Incentives ›

$2000 Yearly Incentives

Honor Guard

VMO Tech

K9 Handler


Drug Recognition Expert

Drone Pilot/Operator

Intoxilyzer Key Holder

Crash Reconstruction Expert


Additional Incentives

11 Full Paid Holidays

Two Half-Day Paid Holidays

1 Full Day Paid Floating Holiday

Up to 180 Hour Comp Bank

$1500 Yearly Incentives

Physical Fitness


Yearly Educational Incentives

Associates $1000

Bachelors $4000

Masters $6000