Alarm Permits

Alarm permits are required by Hobbs Municipal Code (section 8.04) and are intended to assist the police department in protecting your business or residence.

Alarm permits are required as a means for the police and fire departments to obtain critical information regarding the nature of an alarm when it is received. Without such information, police and/or fire department personnel who respond are unaware of the nature of an alarm and any special circumstances that would be helpful in protecting your property. Additionally, responders may face unnecessary risk or hazard.

The permitting process requires that each premise provide information which will be used in the event of a false alarm or actual incident at the property. The fee for an alarm permit is $10.00. There is no fee for the first 3 false alarms within the previous 12 months. A fee of $25.00 shall be charged for each false alarm response thereafter.

The alarm ordinance and the alarm permit applications are both available online. Questions may be directed to Susan Ford, (575) 397-9282 or emailed to .